So you’ve been watching John Wick, and now you’re convinced you need a bulletproof suit for those pesky supermarket confrontations over the last box of Frosted Flakes. It all looks oh-so-cool in the movies, doesn’t it? But before you rush to Amazon in search of Kevlar threads, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of bullet-resistant materials and why a John Wick-style bulletproof suit might not be the best addition to your wardrobe.

Bulletproof vests, like the one we see John Wick donning in the heart-stopping action franchise, primarily function through a process of “dispersion”. When a bullet makes contact, the vest distributes the force over a broader area, substantially reducing the potential for serious injury. It’s not so much about halting the bullet dead in its tracks, but diffusing its energy to prevent bodily penetration.

Kevlar, a material often used in the bulletproof vests that our favorite dog-loving hitman wears, is the industry standard. It’s a plastic with remarkable tensile strength – meaning it can endure extensive stretching or pulling without snapping. This resilience stems from its molecular structure: lengthy chains of molecules that are tightly interlinked, creating a formidable barrier against speeding bullets.

However, in the body armor realm, as John Wick knows all too well, it’s not all about Kevlar. Other materials come into play like Twaron, UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), and ceramic or metallic components, each with their unique pros and cons:

  • Twaron is an aramid, like Kevlar, sharing similar properties. It’s strong, durable, but also comparatively heavy and inflexible.
  • UHMWPE possesses exceedingly lengthy molecular chains, bestowing it with superior strength to Kevlar or Twaron. It’s lighter, more flexible, but unfortunately, it lacks resistance to high temperatures.
  • Ceramic or metallic elements offer supplementary protection when used alongside these materials. They’re incredibly effective at stopping bullets but significantly increase the weight, compromising the comfort of the vest, something even John Wick might find irksome.Bulletproof men's suit blends Bruce Wayne style, Batman-worthy tech - CNET

Consider John Wick in a full suit of bulletproof armor – it’s an extreme concept. Such a suit would be burdensome, dramatically limiting mobility, but like that bodybuilder who skipped leg day, it has its weaknesses. It’s heavy, bulky, and can get uncomfortably warm – not exactly the catwalk material you’d want for your night-out attire. As John Wick would tell you, no material is truly “bulletproof” against all projectiles. Factors like bullet type, velocity, strike angle, and the armor design influence the effectiveness of a bulletproof vest or any body armor.

Despite a bullet being halted, the wearer might still be subject to blunt force trauma, as seen when John Wick takes multiple shots to the chest but continues his battle, thanks to his bulletproof suit. What about that jolt when a bullet hits the armor? Even if the bullet is stopped, you’d still feel like you’ve been kicked by a mule. To lessen this, you’d need trauma plates or pads. Because what’s better than a heavy, hot suit? A heavier, hotter suit!

Lastly, keep in mind that there are some naughty bullets out there, designed to misbehave and penetrate bulletproof vests. Just as John Wick finds a way around every obstacle, the naughty bullets’ creators are always plotting new mischief.

In conclusion, while a bulletproof suit might make you feel like you’re stepping straight out of a John Wick movie, it’s not exactly a stroll in the park to wear. It’s a battle between protection level and mobility, weight, and comfort. A lifetime warranty sounds great until you’re sweating like a pig and moving like a tortoise. So, as we always say: be like John Wick, and consider your actions’ consequences. Especially when it comes to body armor.



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