Alright, mates, let’s spill the beans. While ‘Peaky Blinders’ has graced our screens with epic brawls, gripping storylines, and the undeniable Shelby charm, let’s be honest – it’s their stellar costume design that’s the real show-stealer. Sure, Cillian Murphy looks good in, well, just about anything, but it’s the tweed, wool, and impeccable tailoring that turns heads. Think you’ve got what it takes to out-dress a Shelby? With our guide, you’ll not only look the part but might just make Tommy and his gang consider recruiting the most dapper gangster in town – you!

Have you ever been captivated by the gritty, charismatic style of the Shelby brothers from the iconic show ‘Peaky Blinders’? With Halloween and Purim right around the corner, there’s no better time to embrace the vintage 1920s Birmingham style and truly make a statement. And who better to guide you on this sartorial journey than Sam from

Let’s dive into the detailed guide, and remember, it’s all about the details!

1. The Signature Flat Cap

The Look: Think Thomas Shelby’s razor-embedded cap. The Tip: Ensure it fits snugly and choose one in tweed or wool for an authentic feel.

Sam's Menswear | Dress Like a Peaky Blinder: A Step-By-Step Guide by Sam

2. The Crisp White Shirt

The Look: A clean, collarless white shirt. It’s the canvas for your ensemble. The Tip: Opt for a tailored fit. A well-fitted shirt always stands out. Photo Suggestion for Dall-E: “Man in tailored white collarless shirt”

Peeky blinder shrit

3. The Vintage Waistcoat

The Look: Dark shades with a classic fit. Buttons matter; go for vintage-inspired designs. The Tip: Match the waistcoat with your suit, or dare to stand out with a contrasting piece. Photo Suggestion for Dall-E: “1920s style waistcoat with vintage buttons”

Peeky blinder vest

4. The Statement Overcoat

The Look: Typically in shades of grey or black, reaching just above the knee. The Tip: Prioritize wool materials. The weight and flow of the fabric make a difference. Photo Suggestion for Dall-E: “Man in dark woolen Peaky Blinders overcoat”

Peeky blinder overcoat

5. The Perfectly Tailored Suit

The Look: Pinstripes or plain, but always sharp. Remember Arthur Shelby’s power suits? The Tip: This is where comes in. Ensure it’s tailored to perfection, embracing that Peaky Blinder silhouette. Photo Suggestion for Dall-E: “Man in sharp pinstripe 1920s suit”

Peeky blinder pinstripe suit

6. The Essential Accessories

The Look: Vintage pocket watches, tie pins, and cufflinks. The Tip: Don’t overdo it. Choose one statement piece or a couple of subtle ones.

Peeky blinder pocket watch

7. The Classic Boots

The Look: Black or brown leather lace-up boots. The Tip: Polish them to perfection. It’s the small details that pull the entire look together.

Sam's Menswear | Dress Like a Peaky Blinder: A Step-By-Step Guide by Sam

8. The Iconic Necktie

The Look: Thin, dark, and made of wool or silk. The Tip: For the knot, consider the classic four-in-hand for authenticity. Photo Suggestion for Dall-E: “Vintage thin wool necktie”

Sam's Menswear | Dress Like a Peaky Blinder: A Step-By-Step Guide by Sam

As you bring all these elements together, remember to wear the outfit with the confidence and charisma of a Peaky Blinder. With Sam’s guidance and the precision tailoring of Sam’s Menswear, you’ll not just wear a costume; you’ll embody an era.

If you’re all set for Halloween or Purim but still feel like the outfit needs a touch-up, or if you have questions about tailoring the perfect suit, don’t hesitate to reach out to Sam. Because as the Peaky Blinders often reminds us, “In the bleak mid-winter,” it’s the details that matter!

Happy dressing, and remember, no razors in those caps!

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