Staying warm should not diminish your style. This guide will sow you how to keep warm and still looking good this winter season.

The cold temperatures in Toronto and around the lake require us to wear a heavier weight suit during the winter months. The subzero temperatures and winter chill dictate distinctly thicker wool and heavier weights.

The most versatile fabric is of course wool. Wool adapts well to low temperatures. There are various forms that woolen fabrics can be used to beat the winter cold.

Flannels are the heaviest among the winter fabrics and are closely followed by tweed. Flannels are soft to touch and traditionally have been the choice of the mature gentlemen.

Worsted woollen fabrics are brushed to give the fabric a ‘nap’ and a soft feel. The fibres trap in the air, which is heated by the body heat generating a warm feeling. These days, however, flannel fabrics are fast reinventing themselves and are available in lighter weights keeping in mind that people move from heated homes to heated offices and do not need such heavyweight fabrics at all times.

Tweed comes to us from England and Ireland. Harris the tweed with the history is made in the Outer Hebrides islands and is woven specially to keep out moisture and cold. Mostly put to use by country squires as outdoor wear in hunting and horse riding, the fabric has a great character and feel. It is also coarse to the touch. Coupled with soft luxurious linings these fabrics can be worn to make a fabulous winter statement.

Herringbone is the name of a weave, which is identified by its zigzag pattern, reminiscent of the central bone in the herring fish. Wools, Tweeds and flannels are woven in herringbone weave. The fabric is durable and tough and has a great look.

Accessories for a Winter Suit
Scarves: Great to keep warm with and make a bold statement with a colourful scarf.

Pocket Squares: Watch out for some colourful ones. They can brighten a dull grey morning.

Ties: Plenty of options on ties just let your imagination rule.

Tie bars: Great accessory to keep your tie in place on a windy afternoon.

Socks: Go with your fancy, plain or wacky, neons or polka dots.

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