When purchasing a suit, one chooses effects that alter the character of the suit and it’s wearer. A major pitfall is choosing the appropriate number of buttons for the occassion.

One, Two or Three Buttons?
One-button suits are gaining popularity and are viable on dinner jackets. The one-button suit compliments men who wish to appear extra sleek but is not appropriate for all occasions.

If discussing a single-breasted jacket, the most common option for a fitted suit would naturally be two buttons. The two-button suit is the universal classic. It compliments all builds and has a long-lasting appeal. It works best for those with a short torso.

The taller ones among us should wear a 3 button suit. The extra button will cut the lapel shorter and maybe the right option for more confident men. One who wears 3 buttons will definitely stand out.

There are occasions that three buttons can be worn but Sam would be recommended to stick to 1 – 2 buttons.