Owning a bespoke shirt is the epitome of class. Each body is different, and the cookie cutter approach usually results in a sloppy look. Having a shirt tailored to your arm and waist size will give you the edge on sharp dressing. By letting client’s get a taste of made to measure shirts in premium cottons and educating customers appreciate the aesthetics of what constitutes a great fit, Sam is slowly changing attitudes to sloppy looking menswear one customer at a time.

Tailoring shirts isn’t just about arms and waistlines though. Sam knows that there are many things that go into designing your perfectly-fitted shirt, including:

  • Measurements
  • Shape – Classic, Slim, Fitted, Casual or Portly – there is a solution for everyone
  • Styling – Italian spread collars or American classic collars?
  • Monogramming in a variety of fonts and colors
  • Preferences like how snug, your collar should be or how high should the armhole be.
  • Wrist watch size to allow you to wear your large watches without issue.
  • Button and Buttonhole color options

With a plethora of patterns and fabrics at his disposal, Sam will discuss what you typically wear, what the shirt will be worn for, and work to gain a better understanding of your preferences in fit and their pet peeves.