Tailored pants are a timeless wardrobe essential. Who among us does not remember the aggravation of an ill-fitting pant? The constant sliding at the waist; the non-conforming shape of the crotch and body; the ‘wedged-in’ look; or simply too long on the legs?

Proper fitting pants not only elevate your style quicker than any other piece of clothing or fashion accessory, but they are exceptionally comfortable which by itself is good value for your money.

Trousers can be casual or formal, made for a suit or made for a day on the boat.

Sam spends time with you to understand the purpose for the trousers, then brings out the correct weight of fabric and color for the season and ensures the fit is appropriate for the function. He considers your preferences—do you like to wear fun socks and want to show them off? Are you adventurous and willing to try plaids or other patterns?

He carefully selects fabrics, and he will help you design a bespoke shirt to go with them. Tailored trousers are compatible with many different shirts, making them an indispensable ally in your closet.

Since, trousers are all about comfort and ease of wear, Sam has perfected the hidden flexible waistband. This works wonders for many of his clients, even the younger ones like the flexibility of a couple of inches at the waistband to ensure a perfect fit at the waist. The perfect grip keeps pants in the exact place without being too tight. The hidden flexible waistband is perfect for those who lose or gain weight regularly, after those big family meals, and for those on a weight loss journey.