Hello, gentlemen of Toronto and beyond! A question has surfaced on our Google page that’s as old as the tradition of weddings itself – “What colours should men not wear to a wedding? Do you drop some tips on Men’s wedding fashion” Here at Sam’s Menswear, we’re ready to guide you through this men’s wedding fashion labyrinth, without the need for a mythical thread. (We’re saving that Italian thread for your custom suits!)

Weddings, a grand celebration of love and unity, are also a showcase of style and elegance. Each season brings its own palette of colours, and with it, a new opportunity to make a fashion statement. But beware, gentlemen, while navigating the wedding fashion scene can be a thrilling adventure, there are some unspoken rules we must abide by.

Now, you might be wondering, “Sam, does this mean I can’t wear my favourite lime-green suit?” Well, unless the wedding invite specifically calls for a ‘neon extravaganza’, it’s best to leave that vibrant number at home. Unless you want to stand out like my daughter-in-law, at her brother’s wedding in Montreal.

Neon wedding attire

Here’s a golden rule to keep in mind – a wedding is like a theatrical performance. The spotlight should always be on the bride and groom, not on the guest who decided to turn up in a suit rivalling the brightness of the sun.

So, what are the colours that could potentially land you in the wedding fashion hall of shame? White, for starters, is a major no-no. You wouldn’t want to upstage the bride or be mistaken for the groom, now, would you? Next on the blacklist is black. Yes, it’s sleek, it’s stylish, and it gives you that mysterious, James Bond vibe. But save it for the black-tie events – at a wedding, it’s often associated with mourning.

Groomsmen suits deals men's Wedding Fashion

Can you spot the groom?

Now, let’s break the fourth wall for a moment – we’re not just talking colours here, we’re talking about the whole package: the tailored look, the custom suit, the Italian suit fabric, the fit. The true power of these elements lies in their subtlety. Remember, at a wedding, you want to stand out, but for the right reasons and not because you stepped on grandma’s toes, slow dancing.

When it comes to weddings, the trick is to blend in and stand out at the same time. Sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it? But it’s simpler than you think. Opt for a custom suit in a classic shade of navy or a subtle grey. These colours work well with most themes and are seasonally versatile and useable in the corporate world too. The Italian suit fabric will drape beautifully, creating a tailored look that’s bound to catch the attention of the ladies.

Lets review:

  1. Wedding Rule 101: Keep the spotlight on the bride and groom – avoid overly bright or eye-catching suits.
  2. Colours to Avoid: Steer clear of white (you’re not the groom) and black (it’s a wedding, not a funeral).
  3. Seasonal Shades: Opt for versatile colours like navy or grey, which work well across seasons.
  4. Tailored Triumph: A well-tailored custom suit in quality Italian fabric spells style without screaming for attention.
  5. Comfort is Key: Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable – after all, weddings are a celebration!

Above all, remember this – you’re there to celebrate a beautiful occasion, so let your outfit reflect that. Wear something that you’re comfortable in, something that makes you feel confident. And who knows, with the right outfit, you might just be the next one walking down the aisle.

From all of us at Sam’s Menswear, here’s wishing you a stylish wedding season

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