Bespoke outerwear comes in a variety of products perfectly tailored to your sense of style.

  • Overcoats
  • Trench coats
  • Sports Jackets
  • Blazers
  • Denim Jackets
  • Peacoats
  • Bombers

Your outerwear is as unique as you are, and you should have multiple options to complement your various activities. Sam will spend time understanding your outerwear needs and your favorite styles so that he can create a truly customized top layer that looks every bit a part of the outfit as the clothing below it.

He will show you many fabric choices and work with you to design a versatile jacket that fits like a dream.

You can also bring in your current outerwear or off-the-shelf piece that needs that extra bit of push to propel it into the fashion world of tailored perfection. Sam will take your measurements and tailor the coat to your body, so it looks like bespoke clothing.

Outerwear Options

Cashmere Overcoats and Trench Coats

Lavish, ostentatious and ornate are some of the words that clients use to describe these marvelous pieces. Italian Cashmere and soft Melton Wool, in appropriate weights set the tone for winter warmth. Luxurious lining on the inside and warm lining in the pockets add to the functionality of Sam’s perfectly tailored outerwear. For Toronto’s harsh winter, the best option is a down-filled overcoat guaranteed to keep your warm up to -30 C.

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Sam offers menswear tailored to perfection with traditional craftsmanship and outstanding workmanship. Created with the utmost attention to detail, every button is sewn with accuracy, and every seam is stitched to perfection – just for you.