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Chasiddishe Clothing

The Kapota (Sirtuk or Kapoteh) is the epitome of menswear for Shabbat and festivals in Chasidic communities. Bridegrooms wear a Kapota on
their wedding day and certain Rabbis who head Yeshiva’s wear a kapota daily.

An adaptation of the Prince Edward jacket, today, the kapota is a bit longer and traditionally goes up to or past the knee of the wearer. It is a double-breasted, fitted garment. The buttons are fabric covered and are closed right upon left (in contrast to the regular way to close a men’s suit
jacket—left over right).

There are no outside pockets. There is no need for them since they are worn on days when no wallets or cell phones are carried. However, the
ability to customize kapotas means that you can break these centuries- old traditions to discretely modernize your kapota and enhance your
wearing experience.

Sam makes kapotas in:

  • Wool – A very functional and versatile hard wearing and long lasting tropical weight fabric
  • Super 120’s and Super130’s wool options
  • A Zegna or VBC or Loro Piana fabric for the connoisseur
  • A more affordable, wool and silk blend of Italian origin
  • The top-of-the-line, elite Italian Silk kapota

Every kapota is paired with a trouser at no extra cost.

Sam is skilled in make all types of Litvish and Chabad Kapotas and Rekels.

Sam is probably the only custom tailor who also makes Custom Silk Gartels in the width of your choice. That means you have the option of
narrow four-string to 18 string Gartels in lengths that go up to 14 feet long.

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Sam offers menswear tailored to perfection with traditional craftsmanship and outstanding workmanship. Created with the utmost attention to detail, every button is sewn with accuracy, and every seam is stitched to perfection – just for you.