About Sam's Menswear

Meet Sam, the Sage of Suits.

For over three decades, Sam Talkar has devoted himself to the art of fashion and style so that he could bring fine tailoring to people just like you.

At the heart of his obsession or Menswear lies a lifelong commitment to learning about fabrics and a deep understanding of what constitutes the correct construction, fit, and aesthetic of a suit.

Sam’s traditional craftsmanship is melded with knowledge he acquires on frequent visits to fashion capitals around the world. He is committed to knowing the all latest trends so that he can help you look like a leader.

Bespoke tailoring is not about the number of measurements taken or the number of suits sold. It is building familiarity with you to the point your tailor innately knows your form, fit, and fashion sense. It is realizing where a piece of clothing can be improved and not hesitating to rip open the seam and adjust the fit. It is the quiet integrity that comes with meeting clients on their schedule, at their location of choice, and truly customizing the tailoring experience.

Every seam Sam sews considers your shape giving it the power to last longer than most suits, because ultimately, there is nothing finer than bespoke tailoring made to fit.

What to Expect

When you arrive at your consultation, you will be greeted by the cheery and humorous Sam “The Suit Guy”. Sam understands how important it is to match your clothing fabric to your personality—so don’t be too surprised to hear him exclaim, “This fabric is not YOU!” He judges every swatch in his vast collection against your complexion and your personality, with a promise to never dress you in a fabric that goes against who you are.

To Sam, each fabric has a definite character and persona, and part of his art is to ensure that the fabric compliments you personality.

Devoted steadfastly in merging tradition and current trends, Sam’s ultimate goal is to listen and understand your needs so that you feel confident and powerful in your custom-tailored pieces. Sam takes a personal approach as a master tailor. He is not a salesman, he is an artist.

Alternatively, Sam can travel to where ever needed—your home, his home, or his office, to provide you with the dedicated attention everyone deserves from their tailor.

You will spend a good part of your meeting with Sam as he listens to you about your lifestyle, your hobbies, and the reason for making the suit.

Sam wants to understand who you are, because Sam’s core belief is that “custom made” is about merging the intangibles—emotions, life’s moments, and personal style—with great fabric and fine tailoring that seamlessly fits into your closet wardrobe and defines your style.

Sam’s understanding of who you are allows him to customize clothing that not only suit your body, but your personality as well.

With Sam, you’ve come to find your tailoring guru wardrobe expert like the men of the past who would trust their tailors implicitly.

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Sam offers menswear tailored to perfection with traditional craftsmanship and outstanding workmanship. Created with the utmost attention to detail, every button is sewn with accuracy, and every seam is stitched to perfection – just for you.